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Taranaki Aviation Transport and Technology Museum Inc



The NEC NC100 type crossbar telephone exchange shown below was re-built from equipment recovered mainly from the Okato and Warea Exchanges in Taranaki before they were dismantled for scrap in 1996.


On the left of the crossbar equipment racks is the cabinet containing the duplicated exchange 'Ringer' units. On top of it is a Level Measuring Test Set (LMS). Some other test quipment and tools can be seen on the floor.


One of the many specialist tool kits that were provided with the crossbar exchanges. This one is labelled 'Common Battery Tools'.


An NC400 type crossbar exchange '60 Unit Trouble Recorder'. Fault records and '111' emergency call trace records were printed by this machine recovered from the Spotswood NC400 type crossbar exchange in New Plymouth. The equipment that makes it operational is housed in the cabinet below. The physical size of the unit is obvious when compared with the telephone sitting on top of it.


A 'Crossbar Switch'. The telephone connections were set up by operation of the vertical and horizontal bars. It is use of this type of switch that gave the crossbar exchanges their name. They are visible in the lower centre of the upper photograph.